Pilot In The Attic

Why does everyone always…



[oops, I got requests to make my answers ….’rebloggable’? I think I’m doing this correctly now…. sorry! Sorry! I’ve gotten some lovely questions already, but er, I may not be able to answer any for a day or two…. I’ve got two flights which I really shouldn’t be scheduled for so close together, and I had to cancel another job and all —Oh! I have a side job but er… it’s rather embarrassing, and anyway, Carolyn insists and…. well. Sorry. Gah.]

This is your Captain Speaking

Er. Hello. My name is Captain Martin Crieff. You may call me Captain Crieff or… or Martin, I suppose, if we’re friendly. I’m a friendly person! But erm, for the uh, sake of professionalism, lets try to stick with Captain Crieff, shall we? Right.

So, our steward, Arthur, has convinced our CEO that I should start a ‘blog’ of sorts. Let the public see ‘behind the scenes’ of MJN Air, more or…less. I suppose. 

Our CEO was quite insistent (I imagine Arthur’s consistent pestering paid off)

I… I don’t have the highest hopes for this. But, should you have any questions about myself or anyone else at MJN, please do send them along!